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Current Herd Sires

Mister Majestic

This is my latest herd bull purchased from Gary and Ronda Lindsey during the Houston Stock Show this spring.  Gary has retained two semen shares and only four more will be made available. He is as about a correct as they can be made, and his offspring’s carcass scan numbers, stand out in the spread sheet below.  This is a group of five bull calves that have moved on as herd sires and herd bulls.  Checkout the REA/ hundred weight, and the above average IMF’s .  Carcass improvement with eye appeal, and docile offspring.  Great underlines in a proven all Black herd sire.

  • Semen available at $20 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30
Sierra Sam

We purchased Sierra Sam , the high selling bull at the 2005 Western States Sale in Reno NV from the Sierra Spirit Ranch, along with the semen collected from the bull, when Joe Simms became ill and liquidated his herd. He is calving ease, with high weaning and yearling weight calves. We have retained many of his daughters. His dam is still in the herd at 18 years of age.

  • Semen available at $12 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30
Black Checkers

Black Checkers was an embryo calf out of Black Magic and the 413 cow owned by Clark and Charlie Jones. He is a well muscled bull with a trim underline and polled. 2006 was the first calf crop from him and he proved to be another calving ease bull. We used him on heifers and cows and the birthweights are low with good weaning weights.

  • Semen available at $12 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30
Red Lazer

Red Lazer is a bull we purchased as a two year old from the Hickory Ridge Corporation. We've collected semen from him because his calves are so thick and meaty we wanted to make sure we could continue the breeding. He is out of Black Lazer and Hickory Ridge 69G with some Ranger's Pride, Levi and Cherokee Phantom in the pedigree. His calves have high weaning weights and are well muscled with good thickness and depth.

  • Semen available at $12 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30

We purchased this solid black bull at the Branson BBU Convention and have used him in our AI program as well as natural service.  His calves are all around 65 pounds,And vigorous. We have collected carcass data on many of his off spring.  His EPDS are highly accurate because of the number of offspring that have been scanned and registered.  Lean carcasses and good marbling.  He has been DNA  genotyped for BBU as a Legacy animal.  

  • Semen is Limited at $15 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30
In The Black

In The Black is a bull we raised and we are excited about him. He is thick, solid black, moderate framed, easy fleshing, trim and with perfect structure and feet.He is very docile but an aggressive breeder with a high libido. As a 2 year old his scrotal measured 44cm. He is out of Black Bayou and our Silver State 648 cow with an impressive background pedigree. We put up 400 straws of flush quality semen from his first collection. His calves show some impressive results on our feed tests. He has been DNA genotyped for BBU as a Legacy animal.

  • Semen is Limited at $15 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30

Former Herd Sires


Polled Rush was another great addition to our herd. We purchased him from Larry and Kathleen Holt in 2002. Polled Rush was out of Polled Mandate X Special Lady. His calves are thick bodied, dard red, mostly polled and have a low birthweight so we have no fears using him on heifers and the calves have high weaning weights. We have some fantastic offspring from Rush and collected semen from him before we sold him so we are still selling his sons and daughters.

  • Semen available at $12 per straw
  • Semen with Certificate add $30